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We put together a Mission Report Video after many of our main annual missions. There are also some Extras for you to enjoy!

Mission Report Videos

Equip Disicples Deaf Ministry 2014

Equip Disciples 2012, Part 1

Equip Disciples 2012, Part 2

Equip Disciples 2011

Equip Disciples 2010

Includes dramatization by ex-child soldiers.

Equip Disciples 2009


The One Who Truly Hears

Equip Disciples Deaf Choir 2016

This deaf choir is becoming 

Deep in the Heart of Texas--from the Congo!

Youth Bible study leaders from DR Congo enjoyed learning a song from Texas!

Quick Hand Presentations 2014

Hand Presentations 2014

Ordination to Gospel Ministry - 2011

Our founders, Joe and Tammie Friberg were ordained to the Gospel Ministry by the Baptist Convention of Kenya in 2011.