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Staff Support

Staff Support Needs:

Equip Disciples provides monthly supplemental income support to our staff members. These are indigenous ministers who are our missionaries in and beyond their own communities. The following are current needs.
Name and Position: 
Isembo- Deaf Bible Study Leader, Advisor to Equip Disciples DRC. Bible School Graduate.

Amount: $50 a month

Bible Study Groups: One group in Goma, DR Congo, DRC, also leads the deaf choir.

Name and Position:
Mandela, President, Equip Disciples DRC, Pastor, Student in Theology School. Full time Equip Disciples minister.

Amount: $150 more per month

Bible Study Groups: 2 in Goma, 1 in Katale, 1 in Masisi, 1 in Nyabiondo, 1 in Kashebere, 1 in Birido, 1 in Hombo, 1 in Chambucha, 1 in Otobora, 1 in Walikale, 1 in Kisangani, 1 in Ariwara, 1 in Aru, 1 in Irumu, 1 in Kindu, 1 in Kabambare, 1 in Kasongo, 1 in Lubutu, 1 in Bunagana, 1 in Kiwanja, 1 in Rutshuru, 1 in Busurungi, DRC.

Name and Position: 
Bertin- Chief Advisor/VP of Equip Disciples DRC, Pastor. Bible School graduate.

Amount; $50 More a month

Bible Study Groups: 2 groups in Goma, 3 groups in Masisi, 1 group in Rutshuru, 1 group in Uvira, DRC

Name and Position:
Esperance, Secretary, Equip Disciples, DRC. Mandela's wife.

Amount: $25 More a Month

Bible Study Groups: 2 in Goma, DRC.

Name and Position:
Pascal, African Representative for Equip Disciples USA. Oversees all of our work in Africa.

Contract Pay- for conference coordinating 

Bible Study Groups: 3 groups in Rugerero, Rwanda

Name and Position:
Jeannine (Bertin's wife)- Advisor of Equip Disciples DRC.

Amount: $50 a month

Bible Study Groups: 1 group in Goma, 3 groups in Masisi, DRC, Ladies and childrens groups. 

Name and Position:
Gogolo, Minister Equip Disciples, DRC. Pastor.

Amount: $30 More a month

Bible Study Groups: 1 in Goma, 2 in South Kivu, DRC. 

Name and Position: 
Patrick, Minister to the Deaf in Rwanda, and Tech support.

Already Sponsored 

Bible Study Groups: 1 in Rugerero, Rwanda.