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2019 Ebola Film Production and Film Equipment

DR Congo has had 10 outbreaks of the Ebola Virus. Currently, there is an outbreak of Ebola in the North Kivu Province. This is where our staff operates and has some Bible Study groups. We started making an Ebola film last May, and completed it in September. Since that time, we have been having the video shown in various cities, marketplaces, colleges, churches, and Bible study groups. The audio of the film has been aired on Radio. However, the cost of renting a projector, sound system, and generator plus gas for each showing proves to be expensive. So we are working in the future to have our own portable projector, sound system, microphone, screen, and solar panel so that our staff can carry the materials in a backpack on our ministries' motorcycle. In addition, we can use the equipment to show the Jesus Film, and other videos appropriate for evangelism and discipleship. 

Cost: $2,000

2019 Camera Equipment for USA
We are in great need of putting our training materials on video, and having a ministry camera for filming and photos for our website and video projects. It would also be used to photograph runners in our Run4Bibles events- so that we can have action shots for promotional purposes. The Run4Bibles is our greatest fundraiser through the year. And it provides many Bibles and Bible Study guides to our groups in DR Congo and Rwanda. It also helps us to fund our conferences. 

Cost: $2500