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Chicken and Rabbit Farm- East Africa

Start of Project:  Jan. 2017    

Immediate Need (listed October 2017):
To date, we have 3 rabbit cages (like the one pictured on the left).  These cages can hold 15 rabbits each. Rabbits sell very easily in Africa and they are cheaper to feed than chickens. So we are wanting to expand our rabbit farming so that our farm can be making profits to support our work in Congo.  We need to build 4 more cages. Each cage costs $200.  

If you would like to give toward building a cage, go to our donations page and there are instructions there for several different giving options. 

Update: October 2017

In the picture: the buildings on the right and left are our chicken houses, with solar lighting and gutters that take rain water down to a water tank.

We sold our first round of chickens over the past several months. We still have some for laying eggs and a breeding flock. The challenges are to find a way to feed the chidkens which is low cost. We are experimenting with several different options for feed.  We have one worker who guards the farm by night by use of a guard dog, and who takes care of the animals during the daylight hours. We also have a manager who is responsiblie for keeping the records and running the farm.  Pray for us that as the farm now continues to grow, that we will have enough profit to fund our mministry needs in Congo.