Bibles and Printing

Bibles and Printed Bible Study manuals are always in demand year around. We have Bible study groups who are taking collections so that they can purchase a Bible from our staff in Congo and Rwanda. The Bibles are bought with donation money, and then subsidized to the local people so that they can afford to buy a Bible, and as a result your gifts go further. We have an annual Run4Bibles event where we raise money to purchase Bibles for distribution at our summer conferences. But, we also need Bibles through the year as Bible study groups grow and more and more people need a Bible. The Bibles benefit those who live in poverty, war torn areas, or remote areas, and many who buy them are victims of war, poverty, rape, torture, former child soldiers, or former followers of traditional religions.


$10 Kinyarwanda Bible

$15 Swahilii Bible

$26 Study Bible

Printed Materials

$5 Teacher's Manual

$3 Student Manual

Manuals are available in Swahili, Kinyarwanda, French, English, and Chechwa.

Thank You for your Love for God's Word and for your Faithful Support!