Equip Disciples DRC

(Democratic Republic of Congo)

Equip Disciples DRC Branch

Our ministry has a branch in Goma, DR Congo. We have six staff members who start, train, and supervise Bible Study groups in various locations in the country. Some of the groups are part of churches or church plants, and others are missional Bible Study groups.

Annual Conferences

Each year we host discipleship and staff training conferences for our immediate staff, and for Bible study leaders from 9 provinces who are under their supervision. The past two years, due to the pandemic, we have hosted virtual conferences in Goma. Our staff, as God provides, have traveled to Masisi, DRC, to lead a remote conference to Bible Study leaders there and in nearby villages.

Disaster Relief

Though we do not usually supply relief funds for disasters or humanitarian needs as our focus is discipleship, there are special circumstances that provide ministry opportunities in those those types of circumstances. In May 2021, the largest shield volcano in the world erupted in Goma, DRC near the homes of our staff. There were food shortages, people displaced from their homes, homes destroyed, and homes looted. Thanks to our many supporters, we were able to provide some immediate relief to our staff and Bible study leaders and their families in the area.

Ebola Awareness and Evangelism Film

Equip Disciples has been one of the only groups to produce Ebola awareness materials in the language of the people of Congo. Currently, the film is in Congolese Swahili and Congolese Sign Language.

This film has been shown on local tv stations in some of the Ebola hot spots. It has also aired on radio stations, college campuses, and outdoor market places. Our staff has been showing the film at our office in Goma, DRC to both hearing and hearing-impaired groups.

The film is unique in that it addresses Ebola prevention from a Christian perspective and witness.


Remote Bible Study Groups

We currently have 137 groups operating in 9 provinces, with an average 3,000 weekly attendance. Most of the groups are for both men and women, but we also have women's groups, youth studies, and studies for street kids. We have studies ministering to internally displaced people due to rebel militia activity, studies ministering to women, former child soldiers, and remote villagers. The pandemic has challenged some of the groups meeting regularily due to lockdowns. But, people have been able to still meet in smaller groups and outside.

Pastoral Theological Training

Many pastors in DRC do not have access to solid Theological Education. Through the training sessions offered at our office in Goma, pastors learn the basic doctrines which provide the foundation for faith and practice in their lives and in their preaching.