Focus: To work with Indigenous Pastors and Church Leaders in Rwanda to host various types of discipleship and Theological conferences aimed at evangelism and strengthening the church.

Equip Youth and Young Adults

Our teams lead large group and small group sessions designed to disciple. Topics include: Discipleship training, small group Bible Study, Biblical history and chronology, special topics, evangelism, addressing false teachings, basic Bible doctrines, teacher preparation, and teachings on the Christian disciplines.

Equip Pastor's Conferences

We bring together a Multi-national pastoral panel to discuss current needs and challenges in their various ministries. In addition, our team leads topics related to dealing with false religions and false teachings, How to interpret the various books of the Bible, Basic Theological training, leadership training, and small group discipleship training. Our goals are to start small group discipleship training classes in each of the churches, with teachers who are equipped and ready to lead others.

Equip Biblical Literacy Training

Our training is aimed at teaching others how to be literacy teachers in their churches, homes, and communities. We also work with people at all stages of reading ability to help them improve their reading skills. The Bible is our reading text book, and serves as a motivation to those being taught.

Equip Deaf Ministry

We have a deaf ministry in Rwanda through our partner's church. It consists of a weekly Bible Study session, and deaf choir rehearsal. We have downloaded stories from the Sign Language Bible on Android Tablets, and we also use printed copies of the Bible for those who can read. We encourage them to learn the Bible stories through sign language and then they can share the stories with other hearing-impaired they meet or know. They also learn the Theological Hand Presentations we teach in our other conferences. The deaf are bringing others to know Christ, even among the hearing community. Recently, we worked on a video project with the African Bora Band who works with our ministry. The deaf choir and this band along with Equip Disciples wrote a musical drama video on the Parable of the Sower from Matthew 13. This song has been on Rwandan MTV and radio stations in Rwanda. You can view the project below:

Equip Women's Conferences

Our goals are always to lift the value of women in society and also in the church. We host women's conferences to teach them in areas of Theology, sharing the Gospel, Christian living, family life, and in personal evangelism and discipleship.

Equip Worship Ministry

Music is part of the glue that connects us all together in worship and spirit. We try to have Multi-National Singers, Musicians, and Sound Tech friends join together to lead our conferences, attend Special Topic Sessions, and perform Evangelical Concerts.

Equip Kids Ministry

We believe children also have a great capacity to learn and understand spiritual things. So we invest time in developing Bible conferences for the young ones among us. We use Bible Stories, Theological training, theological drawings, drama, and kid's concerts to disciple and train up the next generation of leaders.

Pastor's Conferences